Swedish Massage

 a relaxing massage with light to firm pressure, according to preference. Blood and lymph is manually pushed through the tissue to aid in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. This is ideal for relieving stress, reducing tension and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Pressure Point Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep, direct pressure and slow strokes melt away aches and pains in a restorative treatment that eases muscle tension and revitalizes the body.

Signature Massage

 75 Minutes of relaxing bliss. We start with a relaxing 75 Minute Swedish massage, with addition of Hot Stones and Aromatherapy to help you unwind and de-stress, Incorporating a Keratin hand and foot treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and pampered.

Escape with Your Senses

Effleurage Spa Charles Town is a haven from everyday stress. Calm and relaxation will envelop you from the moment you open the door. Our expert therapists, through their calming presence and peaceful demeanor invite you to let go and to make time for yourself. 

We believe in the state of peace, health and well-being that comes from massage. We also believe massage is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, which is why we have created all of our services with the guest in mind.From relaxing and therapeutic aromas to the sounds of gentle waves,

 you are welcomed to a world where stress is left at the door. Our massage therapists utilize a variety of techniques to create an experience that will leave you feeling renewed, with a sense of well-being.

We feel strongly that guests should receive the full time for which they pay; therefore, all of our services are booked so you will receive your full time hands on. (Please see spa policies about time consciousness.) Whether your goal is relaxation, rejuvenation or therapy, our talented staff will guide you through your journey of comfort and restoration.

Meet Our Therapists


Lori Castillo is a Massage Therapist fully Licensed in West Virginia, Virginia and Washington DC. She graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage.  Lori found her true passion in massage and loves everything about helping her clients to relax, de-stress and heal.

Lori is proficient in Swedish , Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal and Reflexology techniques. During her sessions, she takes her clients on a journey of relaxation, no matter the modality she utilizes. Her touch is gentle, yet purposeful and clients feel comfortable with her from the moment they first meet. She specializes in chronic pain and works with clients to reduce stress by offering instruction about how they are best able to care for themselves.


Chandler Harmon is a Licensed Massage Therapist. He grew up in Jefferson County and is a graduate of Jefferson High School, and recently served a mission in Monterrey and ​Mexico City, Mexico.

Having discovered that he has a knack for massage and developed a healing touch early in life, Chandler is fulfilling a major life ambition by performing massage. He graduated from The James Rumsey Technical Institute, and has gained knowledge in therapeutic techniques. He is a firm believer that releasing and letting go of stress is the first step on the journey to truly healing. Chandler uses this knowledge to better understand how to treat his clients effectively.

Chandler sincerely cares for his clients and is continually learning the most effective techniques so he is able offer the best therapy possible to assist them on their path to healing.


Sam Makita is a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduate of the James Rumsey Technical Institute massage therapy program. She came to massage as a mindful change of career, making a career out of her lifelong desire to care for people directly and individually.

Sam is passionate about massage as a healing art, by supporting the body's systems and helping maintain healthy patterns of posture and movement. From ego to mind, from nervous system to muscles, fascia to lymph and back again, she strives to interact with you as a whole being and encourages her clients to do the same.

Meet Sam

Meet Chandler

Meet Lori


Meet Zellene


   Zellene believes in the unfolding wisdom of the human body and looks forward to supporting you on your journey toward your realignment with health and wellness. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003, having completed her training at Synergy Healing Arts Center & Massage School, and currently holds a certification through the highest level of accreditation standard with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, which she has maintained through continuing education. 

Zellene incorporates into her massage, her vast experience with Ayurvedic Massage (self-care), essential oil therapy for mothers and babies, pre and perinatal modalities, along with other modalities to provide a well-rounded experience. Whether you choose therapy or relaxation, or a bit of both, you are sure to leave with a sense of well-being.

When not doing massage, Zellene enjoys traveling, hiking and gardening.

Our Spa

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Spa Policies

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment, to complete an intake form and prepare for your service.

  • A notice of at least 24 hours is required for any cancellation or adjustment to your appointment.

  • Although we will do all we can to accommodate a late guest, it is not guaranteed that anyone late for their service(s) will receive the full hands-on time. I’m sorry, we cannot adjust the price of the service(s) in the event of lateness.

  • If you are pregnant, please inform the receptionist at the time of scheduling your appointment. In the event of a high risk pregnancy, a release from a doctor will be required for a massage. 

  • For the comfort of everyone in the spa, please silence or turn off your cell phone. After all, this is your time, and we ask all guests of turn off the world during their visit.

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s consent and provide such on our intake form. Anyone, age of 14  and younger must have a parent or guardian in the room while the service is being performed.

  • All therapists are trained in both treatment and draping protocols and will use a secondary drape, according WV state law.